Du lundi au vendredi
de 09h00 à 13h00
et de 13h30 à 17h00

Le samedi 
de 10h00 à  13h00

L'agence est fermée 
les samedis entre 
les 15 juillet et 15 septembre; 
et entre 
les 15 décembre et 15 janvier.




Mainly aimed at Professional Associations and Companies, the advantages of Incentive and Corporate Travel are:
 A powerful tool for building your company’s performance.

 Remotivation of the entire team by developing a valuable activity.

 An opportunity to share experience within clients or colleagues in a better field for communication.

 A possibility, within the company, to reward very deserving colleagues

 Invite your people to face competition, change, external market forces and personal development issues.

 Discover colleagues on another way and create close collaboration and relationship through an experience shared together in an environment out of the daily routine.

 Unleash the potential of your most valuable assets.

 An improved image of the company, towards its current or future clients, but also within the economic and social activities.
  New markets can be opened by sensitising potential targets while re-motivating existing clients